Bodywork at the cabin in the woods

Information on polarity therapy and structural integration can be found below. Sessions may be scheduled by calling Patricia at 207-244-5756.

Polarity Therapy is a healing art, using hands on bodywork, energetic listening skills, and verbal work, as well as nutritional and lifestyle education to help clients take charge of their own health.

The session usually lasts 60-90 minutes; some or all of the time the client is on a massage table. The therapist 'listens' with the hands, tuning into the client's rhythms and noticing the energy patterns underlying the physical form. Subtle input is used to help the clients system change in ways that lead to health.

The physical sensation of a polarity session is similar to massage; it can be both relaxing and stimulating. The most dramatic difference between polarity therapy and massage work comes from the focus and intention of the therapist and the relationship between client and therapist: polarity therapy never feels systematized or rote...each session is a totally unique experience.

Polarity work can be a useful tool for managing stress, and side-stepping the advent of disease, and it can help bring about needed change.

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Structural integration work is a series of bodywork sessions which systematically arranges the fascia so that the end result functions more easily with gravity.

"When you get span in a body, you get tone; when you get tone you get span. Span is a spatial thing: tone is physiological. Both words refer to balanced structures in a living body. Both tone and span indicate a readiness to act and respond that is the touchstone of a heathy body." Ida Rolf

KMI structural integration work is done in a series of 12 sessions and uses the myofascial meridians concept of Thomas Myers.

One hour Bodywork session - $60
90 minute Bodywork session - $90
KMI Structural Integration Session, 90 minute session - $90

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